Why Choose The CAO

Why Choose The CAO

CAO - First School Of Osteopathy, A.D. 1876, Kirksville, Mo.At the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, we aim to inspire patient-centered osteopathic care of the highest professional standards by facilitating a deeper understanding of the original foundations of classical osteopathic principles. Our school offers a comprehensive learning approach that seamlessly integrates theoretical concepts with interactive, hands-on clinical training, ensuring our graduates can appropriately diagnose, manage and treat a diverse range of patient ailments in their own practice.

Prospective Students Can Look Forward to:

  • Principles-based Training
  • Superior Classroom Content
  • Extensive Practical Training
  • Clinical Case Research
  • Small class sizes
  • Ongoing support
  • Not-for-Profit Student Clinic
  • Guaranteed tuition rates
  • Fully insured classrooms and clinic
  • Close knit community
  • Extraordinary student experience

International Recognition

CAO - Teachings Passed Down By Osteopathy's Founders

We strongly believe that the fundamentals of all clinical work must begin with a deep and systematic understanding of the historical roots of osteopathic theory and principles. Our progressive curriculum is based on the proven methodologies of osteopathy’s founding fathers – Dr. Still, John Martin LittleJohn, John Wernham and Dain Tasker. The academy’s own director and principal, Robert Johnston, was taught directly by John Wernham and has passed down his knowledge to all current educators. For this reason, The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy offers a program of unmatched integrity and authenticity.

Teachings passed down by Osteopathy’s founders

CAO - International Recognition

Our progressive curriculum meets international standards of osteopathic education because we helped set them. Since we hold integral partnerships with some of the most highly respected osteopathic organizations around the world, our students have been offered exclusive access to incredible academic exchange opportunities and direct entry into select associations upon graduation. Our highly experienced educators have lectured across the world including Canada, the United States, England and Spain on the importance of protecting the core principles and practices of classical osteopathy.

A Personalized Learning Experience

CAO - A Personalized Learning Experience

Unlike other technique-driven osteopathic programs, our progressive curriculum is designed to foster an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of body mechanics, human anatomy and physiology. Rather than encouraging students to memorize course materials, we instead support the development of critical thinking skills and rational thought processes which we believe are directly related to accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and clinical success. Renowned for our outstanding teacher to student ratio, quality hands-on clinical training and highly experienced educators, we can offer students a challenging and rewarding education that supports a natural approach to health and wellness and earns you professional certification in a medical field that is only growing in popularity.