Health Care Professionals

CAO - Health Care ProfessionalsIf you’re currently practicing in the healthcare field but not getting the results you want, pursuing a career in osteopathy may be the route for you.

With your M. OMSc professional manual osteopathic designation, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of human body mechanics and learn how to correctly apply appropriate manual techniques for a wide range of ailments.

Our courses are designed to allow students who are enrolled in our program to continue working full-time while studying, so that you can maintain your current practice, or position while completing the program.

Meet Sheryl, Former Massage Therapist

CAO - Sheryl, Former Massage TherapistDespite the establishment of a successful practice in massage therapy and hydrotherapy, Sheryl felt frustrated with the treatment principles of her field and began looking for an alternative way to address the complex physiologic issues of her patient community. After visiting The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, she decided to pursue a new career path in manual therapy.
The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is a great place to learn. You’ll be instantly hooked by the engaging classes, team environment and Rob’s charismatic leadership in the classroom.

if you’re interested in studying with us but don’t know where to start, ask us about our simple admissions process and the special opportunities the academy has to offer.