Induction Course

Induction Course to M. OMSc program

The CAO’s Induction Course is a PRE-COURSE that is designed to give applicants an introduction to basic anatomy and physiology before entering their first year of the M. OMSc program. Successful completion of our Induction course guarantees admission into the CAO’s 4–year Master of Practice diploma in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences program which results in a professional designation in Manual Osteopathy recognized by the insurance companies. The total education results in a comprehensive understanding of manual osteopathy that meets or exceeds international educational and professional standards


The course is comprised of TWO components.

  1. Online lectures, quizzes and study through the CAO’s Education Portal with coordinating workbook
  2. In-class tutorial sessions on a monthly basis, with a professor taking place on Saturdays to accommodate busy schedules.

Self-Paced Study

The Induction course can be started at any time and can span as much as 6 months or can be completed in as little as 2 months depending on the time you have to commit to it. It is self-paced to allow students to get everything they need, in time for the academic start date that they prefer.

Tuition Options

We offer a variety of flexible payment options to benefit students. Tuition includes all classroom modules, practical training, manuals, uniform and group tutorials. Please contact us for more details.

The CAO does not offer or grant degrees, Successful graduates obtain a diploma. The national standard in Canada designates only universities the ability to sanction and grant degrees. Osteopathy is not offered in Canadian universities and osteopathic schools in Canada are private colleges.

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