Student Testimonials

We believe the best reflection of our institution is how our students feel about their learning experience with us. Here’s what past and current students have had to say about our unique educational program, clinical activities, campus life and faculty:

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is like no other academic institution I’ve come across. The faculty to student ratio is impressively high which allows each student to have constant feedback and personalized support. The program is intensive, yet more rewarding than any other learning experience I’ve had to date. I’ve experienced tremendous growth as an individual and as a practitioner. There’s something truly special about the program and its commitment to the roots of classical osteopathy. I would highly recommend it to any prospective student pursuing a career in this field.

Jennifer Di Nardo,

My experience at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has been incredibly rewarding. I’m honoured to be part of program that is principle-based instead of technique-driven. The passionate faculty demonstrate the highest level of integrity by teaching the core insights of osteopathy as originally intended by Dr. Still. They’re truly committed to shaping the critical thinking skills of their students rather than producing mediocre graduates who don’t really have a solid grasp of human physiology and functional anatomy. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career in alternative health care and understand the value of helping others in your community, this is the place you should be.

Nga Luu,

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has a unique learning environment where a challenging curriculum is coupled with educators who are intent on seeing you succeed in the field of classical osteopathy. The emphasis on the roots of the profession gives the curriculum substance and depth unlike the majority of other programs which are technique-driven. Anyone can be taught technique, but the art is integrating all the techniques, understanding why you’re applying them and taking into consideration the entire physiologic effect of treatment according to the principles of osteopathy. I chose this program because I feel that higher learning and enlightenment only comes with getting a true grasp of all fundamental components, not just throwing pieces of information together haphazardly. The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has helped me understand how to do that.

Amanda McLeish,

When I experienced the personal benefits of an osteopathic treatment, I knew this was the field I wanted to get into. The professors at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy show remarkable dedication and are truly committed to the roots of classical osteopathy.


I have always been able to breeze my way through whatever I have tried. This has made my life far too easy. I hadn’t realized the impact that this had on me until I started at the CAO. For the first time I was way out of my depth. I had finally found a subject matter that was so far beyond me that I found myself at a loss. The teachers at the CAO are the compass that will lead you to understanding in the vast wilderness that is Osteopathy. The result for me has been to finally find that lifelong challenge that I have always been looking for without knowing. The satisfaction of reaching that next plateau of understanding is amazing. The change that you can create in your patients life is incredible. More importantly the change that is made in your own life is invaluable. For that I thank the patient staff of the CAO for teaching me how to be my own compass.

Kevin Dieroff

I am a first year student of the CAO. I just went through my first week of intensive week of classes for the first module. I have never experienced anything like this in any previous education nor anything like this in my previous life in the corporate world. The standards and level of excellence are impeccable. But the standards are not there to look the best, to achieve a medal or hit a rating. The standards are there to ensure that each and every person represents themselves, their Colleagues, the Instructors, the School and the Profession with the utmost respect, competence and safety of treatment. We strive for this standard of excellence not to graduate at the top of the class and be able to earn the most money and have the greatest amount of widespread fame and acknowledgement. Instead we strive for this standard of excellence so that we know when, where and how to assist others in whatever state they come to us and whenever they are in need. The Instructors are a wealth of knowledge, they are approachable, they push you and they will continually test you. They mimic life in what and how they bring things up. Sometimes it is new learning, sometimes it is just a reminder of life. But always it is about positive growth.

The graduate students have a humility and ease about that that speaks to the volumes of hours of practice and studying they have completed. They are role models to aspire to and to believe in. The upper level students give back not just because they need to earn hours. They give because they also believe in us, in the school and in the profession. Having a student Colleague half a year, a full year or two years ahead of you stop and explain things, give you hints showing you that they know and have felt and feel what you do is one of the most encouraging and supportive networks to ever be a part of. And then there are the fellow students. Carefully selected and chosen to be part of this calling and vocation. Selflessly giving, sharing and helping each other. Never letting any Colleague fall behind. We have all heard and read about putting people first. In mission statements, handbooks, the latest catch phrases of the day.

The CAO is the living embodiment of that spirit. It uses that spirit to promote and grow a lifestyle that is steeped in the philosophy and principles of osteopathy in its most pure form. I am honoured and blessed to be a part of this tremendous group of people. I am humbled and proud at the same time. I aim to give it my all and to be there at the end of four years happily and proudly rereading that one paragraph I started with on day 1 as to why I wanted to do this and what I was willing to do to make it happen. Upward and onward. There is no limit.

Douglas Kwan

I am excited to get to school…but even more excited to leave!

This is my third time through the education system but truly the first time I’ve been challenged to learn. I experience so much personal and professional growth each module that I can’t wait that get back ti my patients to practice what I have first learned.

It changes my ability to assess and treat. It’s time that OMT (Osteopathic Manual Therapy) “come out of the shadows” with a new found opportunity to demonstrate the vision of our predecessor for the improved health of our patients.

Andrea P.

Osteopathy program offered by the CAO in Hamilton, Ontario significantly enhanced my manual skills and understanding of the human body in relation to function. My confidence to deal with complicated cases and recovery ratio of my patents from their injuries is much higher now. My osteopathic manual skills are the primary tools in my clinical setting and passive treatment less and less is on my list of possible treatment options.

Andrzej Bugiel

Osteopathy rekindled my understanding of the body, allowing me to be confident in assessing and treating people all due to the hard work and education of the school.

Studying osteopathy and kinesiology concurrently has helped me to actually understand what I was learning in kinesiology. Osteopathy has rekindled that fascination and understanding of the body at such a high level, that made me change my future career. I believe osteopathy is the best choice of education because I have observed the changes in the people treat from just applying the principles I have learned. Osteopathy also changed my attitude and made me confident in assessing and treating patients. This was all because of the hard work and dedication of the school to teach the class fundamental principles of classical osteopathy.

Angelika Furtak

I graduated from McMaster University in 2008 with my Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Heading into my last year of university I was unsure of my next path as a student but decided as my best option that I would go to the CMCC in Toronto for post-graduate work. I was accepted into Chiropractic College but before I fully committed I was referred to the CAO by a graduate who I had seen for some personal treatment. After checking out the website and contacting the school for an interview, I was surprised at the speed of their response. I attended an interview at the school with Robert Johnson, the Principal of the CAO and following our discussion I could see the passion which this small group had for their practice and also very importantly for their students. I booked a treatment with Mr. Johnston for the following week and after one treatment as a patient I knew this was the only therapy I would ever want to offer people in this world. Aside from the therapy itself, this school is an environment where there is an opportunity to receive not only education but personal mentoring as there is a low number of students to each professor. This quality over quantity approach helps to support and nurture the best out of each student and give them satisfaction with their investment.

Jeremy Bannock.

As a foreign trained and experienced health professional, I felt privileged to be given the fair chance to receive the education in the school.

As a student in the school in the past 2 years, it feels like sitting in the roller coaster, just when I thought I have learned something, I suddenly noticed I don’t know much. This is definitely the place to find challenge in the learning.

As a human being, the school is getting the better part out of me. I started to get my happiness and confidence back. This is a place full of memories and emotions, it is a thrilling, exciting, experience.

Unnamed Student

The CAO is an educational institution like no other. The teachers and staff take the time to help each individual student, they know your strengths and weaknesses and will constantly provide you with opportunity to be better. I love the high level of education provided at the CAO, it is principle based instead of technique or textbook based. This allows for students to truly understand, learn and to evolve into outstanding osteopaths. It’s amazing how each of the educators and the students at the CAO make up more than a school, they make a family and community and are continuously growing stronger.

Melissa Miller

The path to a giving, satisfying, inspiring, rewarding and challenging profession and way of life begins at the CAO. Everything in my life so far has led me on this path… To this school. All the while, without a doubt in my mind, I know that I’m getting my education within the walls of the best school of Classical Osteopathy, 2nd only to A.T. Still’s Kirksville school. And I’m loving the journey.

Joanne Hancock

Change and growth. The CAO is reinventing itself everyday, growing for the betterment of the student and the patients lives they touch. Making students not only better practitioners but better people.

Nat Kipling

When I first got accepted into the CAO, I really didn’t have any specific expectations. I thought it would be like every other private school and I would go through it like any other. However, after the first week at the CAO I realized what a tremendous impact this educational system would have on me as a person, not only as a student. Graduating the first year has been amazing and I look forward to more challenges as they arise throughout the next 3 years! What a privilege to be surrounded by such dedicated and thoughtful professors and fellow classmates at the CAO, a true hidden gem!

Baljeet Soor,

I’m so proud to be a student at the CAO. In the last year, I have learned an immeasurable amount, and am more than excited to continue on this path. The things that stand out to me at the CAO are the passion and dedication to the students’ growth and the ongoing support amongst students and faculty. The amount of hands on work we do is fantastic and there is always a helping hand when questions come up. We learn principles as set out by the founder, A.T. Still which begin to infiltrate our lives as they benefit the lives of others. The CAO is a very special place.

Sarah Hindmarsh