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Who We Are

The CAO provides education in the theory and application of Classical Manual Osteopathic treatment.

We teach our students the mechanical and physiological reasoning behind the problems and help them choose the appropriate technique to address health issues. We encourage our students to think critically and provide rational treatment, enabling them to tailor treatment to a patient’s problems. At the CAO we teach principles, not techniques. Each person, problem, and situation is unique. Our unique class structure and schedule provides students the opportunity to continue work part time, we do recommend that students treat the program as full time and prepare for heavy course loads

Our History

The CAO was established as an independent osteopathy college in 2003 with the goal of providing education in the osteopathic manipulative sciences in keeping with the professions rich history and tradition. Our focus has always been on critical thinking and problem solving while providing students a rigorous but rewarding learning environment. Situated on Ottawa street in beautiful Hamilton, Ontario, we have welcome students from all over Canada and internationally.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the CAO to provide the highest quality Osteopathic education possible. Elevation of educational standards through the preservation of the rich history and classical aspects and applications of Osteopathy, as well as properly integrating the modern theories and techniques into clinical practice is the core focus of our mission. we also strive to cure illness, alleviate suffering, find truth, and seek peace and joy. The most rewarding part of our mission is helping others!

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Why Choose The CAO

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is dedicated to your success, our goal is to provide you with an education that exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose Us

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Faculty & Staff

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy prides itself on its dedicated and helpful faculty comprised of certified and experienced educators.

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The building has 2 large lecture rooms – complete with plenty of osteopathic tables to allow students the ability to practice their skills any time.

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