Community Outreach

At the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, we strive to make a positive impact in our community by giving back in every way we can.

Food Drives & Fundraisers

Every semester the CAO fundraises for local charities. Be it through food drives, silent auctions or special student council events, the CAO is all about giving back to our community and helping those in need. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with current fundraising initiatives at the school.

CAO - Community Outreach & Fundraising

Ottawa Street BIA

The CAO’s classroom facility is located in Hamilton’s renowned “Textiles District” on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, Ontario.

The CAO has brought a vibrancy and demographic to Ottawa Street that is all new. We have been able to form a few partnerships that have benefited Ottawa Street and the CAO, help us better understand small business, our Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market and the events and functions of a BIA. The students at the CAO shop, eat and play on Ottawa Street so they bring business, youth and vibrancy to our businesses. We are so lucky to have their school here contributing to the pulse of the Ottawa Street community.

Patty Hayes
Executive Director. Ottawa Street BIA


Sponsoring Local Minor Hockey

Having grown up on the game here in Hamilton, our Principal Robert Johnston (also a former professional hockey player in Europe) retains a strong love of the game. He contributes to minor hockey in Hamilton in several ways. The CAO sponsors a hockey team every year; purchasing jerseys, equipment and ice time. The CAO also sponsors individual players every year, giving a chance to play to those kids who don’t have the means to cover the costs of minor hockey on their own. Robert Johnston has personally volunteered his time to coach a minor hockey team in recent years, teaching young players everything he knows. Mr. Johnston has now begun sponsoring the Conacher hockey program in Burlington, Ontario