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The CAO provides the highest level of education in the theory and application of principles based manual osteopathic treatment. Our school teaches students the mechanical and physiological reasoning behind health problems to help them choose the appropriate osteopathic therapy to address these issues.

CAO Students are taught to think critically and provide rational treatment, enabling themselves to tailor treatment to a patient’s specific needs.

Insurance Coverage
& Professional Recognition

The Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA) establishes and maintains standards for ethical osteopathy treatment, promoting osteopathic care for the public, mandating accountability in practice, and providing continuing education to its members. The OOA in turn provides a directory of osteopathic practitioners to the public whose training and qualifications meet the highest standard across Ontario and Canada.

Continuing Education & National Classical Osteopathy Registry

Classically Trained Osteopathic Practitioners educated in the concepts and principles as defined by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.


International Osteopathic Presence

The IICO goal is to unite manual osteopathic practitioners under the flag rooter in the original thought and principles of Classical Osteopathy.

Canadian Journal of Osteopathy
Quarterly Issue Magazine

Featuring historical articles, references and commentary from past and present Doctors of Osteopathy both from the US and abroad.

Robert Johnston, Principal M.OMSc.

GoT2-Cover-Front-WebRobert has published several books on osteopathic principles and practicing while frequently lecturing abroad from Europe to Japan.

Career & Blueprint
Principles Based Curriculum. Multiple streams and educational add-ons.

No matter what your educational or professional background may be, if you are committed to pursuing a career in osteopathy, our college has made it possible for you to study osteopathy and enter this exciting field with customization options that suit your learning style. Our modified attendance format allows students to keep a part time job or to live in their home city and commute to Hamilton on “Mod weeks”

College Portal Featuring Modules, Videos, Quizzes & More

State of the art Google Apps for Education enabled suite including unlimited personal cloud storage, school email address, and featuring in depth anatomy and physiology lectures from highly educated professors.

Students have 24 Hour access online to all classroom presentations on video with audio commentary from professors and can obtain interactive help from professors.


Free Public Osteopathy Clinic
1000+ Hours Training Requirement

Student Clinic is a not for profit providing free osteopathic treatments to members of the Hamilton, Ontario community and surrounding Greater Toronto Area. A great resource for students to learn business & clinic management skills along their required training hours.

New Events & Media Aggregated
from Every Division of the College

Providing unique learning experiences to students with trips to ATS University in Kirksville, Missouri. Founders weekend and the Grand Event are annual celebrations of osteopathic education of the highest standards. Including Youtube demonstration videos.



Discovering Why the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy is
Canada’s Leader in Osteopathic Education is Easy

Professional Recognition
& Industry Stability

The OOA is a voluntary, not for profit, professional association in Ontario. It is committed to promoting osteopathic health care to the public, establishing and maintaining standards for safe and effective treatment, mandating accountability, ethical practice and continuing education amongst its members, and providing a list of practitioners to the public whose training and qualifications are of the highest standard.

Canadian Health Insurance Industry Approved

There are no shortcuts to insurance coverage. All members of the OOA have completed 4 years of osteopathic education as part of the membership requirement to joint the association. Seeing a practitioner with less than 4 years of training can be very dangerous. There is no way to condense 4 years of education into anything less. It takes extensive clinical and classroom training, to hone the treatment skills of an effective and safe manual osteopathic practitioner.

100+ of our osteopathic program graduates are practising throughout Ontario and Canada.
Find them in your city.

Niagara Falls
St. Catharines



A knowledge of Anatomy is only a dead weight if we do not
know how to Apply that Knowledge with Successful Skill

Continuing Education
& Lecture Series

The Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy holds regular workshops, lectures and demonstrations with the intent of welcoming osteopaths from around the globe to share their understanding of manual osteopathic practice.

Continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded for completing these events

Previous guests have included:

International Osteopaths,
Lecturers, & Historians

The CICO has hosted and continues to host world renowned Osteopaths, Lecturers, and Historians

JasonHaxtonJason Haxton, M.A., is the Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine

BeckSquareDr. Charlie Beck, D.O., F.A.A.O has visited the CICO multiple times to share his excellent hands on methods and principles of OMM.

National Supporter Registry & Graduates List

Classically trained Osteopathic practitioners are listed in the Canadian Registry of Classical Osteopathic Practitioners. The CICO also welcomes those who support Classical Osteopathy and wish to learn more about it. It lists non-classically trained osteopaths and current students of osteopathy in its list of Canadian Classical Osteopathy Supporters.

To find a Classically Trained Osteopathic practitioner near you visit the OOA website.